Homeville Elementary Change in Arrival and Dismissal Procedures Begins Monday Jan 25, 2021


Hello parents and guardians of Homeville elementary students.  This is a very important announcement concerning a change to our arrival and dismissal procedures as it pertains to walkers, bus riders and private transportation students beginning Monday January 25, 2021.

In preparation for Homeville returning to full time instruction, walkers and private transportation students in grades K through 3 will return to our previous arrival and dismissal procedures. Parents will park their vehicles in the front parking lot and walk their child to the front entrance. The students will enter and dismiss from the front lobby entrance. 

A new procedure will be implemented for kindergarten students. Kindergarten students will now be dismissed from the front auditorium doors. A parent or guardian must be present for the kindergarten student to leave the school building. However, they will enter the building through the front lobby doors. Walkers and private transportation students in Grades 1 through 3 will be dismissed from the front main lobby entrance.

Bus riders in grades K through 3 will be dropped off and dismissed from the back entrance.  Buses will once again be using the circle in the back of the building.  Students will enter and exit through the rear lobby doors. 

Students will continue to have a grab and go breakfast available upon arrival in the main lobby.

Pre-K will remain the same.  No changes will be taking place.


Dr. Christopher Hanna & Mr. Robert Campana

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